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In 1977 Kids Korral Day Care opened its doors and welcomed 7 children into the centre.  Since then Kids Korral has been a bright beacon in the lives of thousands of children in the Fredericton and surrounding areas.  Over the years we have had the pleasure of assisting children become model citizens.  We pride ourselves on being a fun place for children to grow, by hiring only the best educators who are committed to nurturing the individual needs of all children.

We currently hold two licenses at Kids Korral, one for preschool age children and one for after school age children.  Combining the two licenses we can enroll 96 children with the age ranging from birth to 12 years of age.  We follow the New Brunswick curriculum for early learning allowing the children to progress in a manner, which is creative, dynamic, stimulating and most of all FUN!  Our centre houses a junior nursery with separate sleeping quarters for children birth to 15 months, a senior nursery for children age 15 - 24 months, large functional classrooms equipped with age appropriate play equipment that is easily accessible to the children, large fenced in play areas and a gymnasium.  

When entering our centre you may see handprints on the walls, or spilled paint on the floors, but most importantly you will see precious memories being imprinted on the lives of children.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality care celebrating the enjoyment of life and love of learning.  

At Kids Korral Day Care our goal is to create a happy home like atmosphere.  While being good role models, our educators will offer positive guidance and enriching experiences for the children.  Kids Korral will support family units by particpating in the Focus on Inclusion program offered by New Brunswick Association for Community Living.  This program supports families, educators, and early learning centres by ensuring all children have access to rich and meaningful experiences in their early learning community.  Focus on Inclusion supports inclusive practices, enhances the enviornment and provides resources for inclusive settings.  It is our desire to help empower each child to reach their full potential.

By using familiar Bible stories and songs we willl show God's love to children and motivate them towards caring and kind attitudes.  We will encourage each child to become "Bucket Fillers" and provide them with the life learning skills of how to follow the golden rule "treat others the way you would like them to treat you."

Learning experiences will be provided through play related activities.  Adequate times will be given for structured and free play, relaxation and rest.  

Our staff will make your child feel, loved, cared for, protected and safe during his/her time away from home.  It will be the objective of our educators to promote social interactions to guide him/her toward self-discipline, postive self esteem and respect for others.


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